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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is the deliberate and non-judgmental choice to observe your body, breath, and beliefs.

While some key things remain similar, mindfulness as a practice is quite unique and has many definitions. Begin your unique journey of mindfulness mediation with us, where we guide you and collaborate with you to begin, strengthen, and deepen your meditation practice.

All of our courses listed below have a major experiential learning aspect based on the practice of mindfulness.

  • Meditation 101 Program – 4 Days (30 hours) – This course will cover; what is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation? Guided meditation, silent meditations, body scan, and emotional awareness meditation.
  • Advanced Program – 8 Weeks (125 hours) – In addition to meditation 101 topics .This course will cover: self-acceptance meditation, sense discovery, meditation for sleep, stress, anxiety, specific breathing exercises as emotional regulation, social anxiety. We will intensely focus on the therapeutic and self-development aspects of meditation.
  • Corporate Program – 4 Weekends (25 hours) – This course covers workplace-specific aspects of mindfulness-based interventions for stress management and productivity. After the introduction to mindfulness meditation, the course would focus on workplace psychological wellbeing and effectiveness.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety is an ongoing struggle for a lot of us. This self-help course is designed to foster an accepting awareness and attitude towards one’s thoughts, triggers and feelings around depression and anxiety.

The course provides a supportive environment to develop a deeper and more functional understanding of our personal experiences with depression and anxiety, while building on shared human experiences
of the derpaxnious states.

  • Understanding Depression and Anxiety: the biopsychosocial Model
  • Understanding the part our thoughts play in our depranxious states
  • Exploring our personal lived realities with depression and anxiety
  • Delving into our relational realities with depression and anxiety with the help of mindfulness
  • Developing and strengthening a mindfulness-based approach to emotional
  • Understanding the Five P model of parsing through our depressive states.
  • Developing real world and actionable tools to provide Mental Health First Aid to yourself when you feel overwhelmed.

Teacher’s Training

The curriculum is designed to focus on the development of your teaching competencies and advanced level theoretical grounding in the principles of Mindfulness Meditation. The persistent premise of the course is that a teacher would need to embody mindfulness meditation, essentially and practically, in their own lives before teaching it to others.

  • This course will make you competent to teach 8 weeks Mindfulness Meditation classes, independently.
  • Throughout the course, there will be individual contact hours with the instructors, personalised evaluation and in-class and post-class support.
  • An in-depth exploration of the historical and religious roots of contemplative practises, that have contributed to modern-day mindfulness meditation practises.
  • Deepening your own practice
  • Extensive guided and self-guided meditation sessions
  • The course is heavily focused on self -reflection on learning and development.
  • In-depth workshops of the intention setting, and your individual teaching styles.
  • Silent retreats (Online and/or in-person)
  • The course will also focus on the therapeutic and developmental aspects of meditation.
  • The course has small groups of maximum 15 participants.
  • Classes are conducted in a positive and safe space environment, both in-person and online.